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Counting Scale and SMC Component Counter Rentals and Weighing Systems

At Scale Services & Sales, we stock one of the largest fleet of counting scales and SMD component counters in Canada. Whether you are looking for one, ten or a hundred scales, we have the resources to deliver at the time of need.

We rent the most accurate, reliable and easy-to-use counting scales available on the market today.

What does this mean to you? It means that:

  • Inventory on hand can be counted up to an accuracy level of 99.99%

  • Operators can be trained to use these scales in a matter of minutes

  • No down time

  • Flexible print formats and error-free data transfer for accurate record keeping

  • Fast data entry through a PS/2 keyboard or bar code scanner

Reliable, rugged counting and weighing scales

Easy to use, fast and eliminates repetitive sampling

Nothing is too small to count. Available in various capacities and platform sizes

Training and delivery can be scheduled as per your requirements

Accurate inventory counts and weight measurements

Large stock of rental scales and SMD component counters at very reasonable rates

Contact us first to find out how you can benefit from our product expertise and outstanding service. You will be glad you did!

Customized Weighing Solutions

We provide complete semi and fully automatic customization of weighing system solutions for:

  • Batching

  • Flow control

  • Filling

  • Packaging

  • And other specific applications

We also provide solutions for scale integration using, PLC’s, high quality high speed weigh indicators and load cell assemblies. Let our experienced engineers and technicians work with you on your next project.

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New Floor Scale
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