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Precision Balances and Weights

precision balance

Precision Balances

Setra Systems, Inc., a leader in precision weighing instruments, offers new HI and SI series precision balances. The balances employ Setra’s award-winning variable capacitance technology in a new “mini-Moment Insensitive Load Cell (MILC)” package, which provides improved weighing accuracy and serviceability at a lower price.

Designed for the academic and industrial research market, the balances are also ideal for government research and testing laboratories, industrial process quality control, hospitals, and environmental testing laboratories.

Key Features

  • Low cost

  • High precision top-loading laboratory balances

  • Bright LED display

  • Die-cast aluminum housing

  • Stainless steel weighing pan

  • Standard bi-directional RS-232 interface

  • Total overload protection

  • Sturdy and rugged

  • Setra laboratory balances offer reliable performance year after year.

To suit your specific needs, we offer following models to choose from:

  • HI SERIES – High resolution six-button keypad

  • SI SERIES – Low cost precision laboratory balance

Download specifications on Himalaya/Sierra Series.


Ordering weights from Scale Services & Sales requires a few steps:

precision weights
  • Determine the regulatory standard that applies to your application - OIML, ASTM, NIST, legal-for-trade, etc...

  • Determine what type of traceability required.

  • Select the weight or weight set appropriate for your application.

If you need help, we can help to determine the above criteria for your weight purchase.

We also sell weight accessories:

  • Plastic clean room cases

  • Weight replacement cases

  • Pelican carrying cases

  • Gloves

Place an Order - To inquire about sales or servicing, please give us a call.
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