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Business and Industrial Counting Scales and SMD Counters

Is counting accuracy important to you? Do you want to reduce inventory losses? Do you want to reduce labour costs and improve productivity?

If you say ‘yes’ to any of the above, Setra scales is the only one that will meet your needs.

To suit your specific application and budget there are several models available to choose from:

  • Super II– The latest addition with enhanced features

  • Super Count– Economical and user-friendly

  • Quick Count– For faster and simpler counting applications

  • Superview – It includes all of the same features of the Super II and then some

  • Easy Count – As the name suggests, this machine is for easy and small counting applications

  • SMD Reel Counter - It has a state-of-the-art photoelectric sensor

For more information on our counting scales or any of our products and services, please give us a call.

Super II

Super II

The Setra Super II is a robust scale system that's built around the patented, Variable Capacitance Load Sensor technology, to provide exceptional counting accuracy and reliability, for an industrial environment.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Super II is the convenient, easy-to-read graphic display. Closer inspection reveals exceptionally high weighing accuracy. Press the ‘menu’ key to discover bar code labeling, an internal database, set points and multiple base connectivity – features designed to streamline your weighing or counting operations.

View the technical specifications for the Setra Super II.

Super Count

Super Count

The Super Count couples the benefits of Setra's high-resolution ceramic sensor with an intelligently designed full-function keyboard to deliver a highly accurate, easy-to-use counting scale at a surprisingly moderate price.

The patented variable capacitance weighing technology lets the scale display weight changes as minute as 1 part in 125,000. The internal resolution, which is four to ten times greater than the display readability, allows operators to work with smaller sample sizes thereby saving time and reducing hand counting errors.

View the technical specifications for the Super Count.

Quick Count

Quick Count

The simple six-key design allows the user to master scale operation in minutes, reducing training time and increasing productivity.

The Quick Count displays any of six weighing units at the touch of a button. Count or weight information can be transmitted to a printer or to a computer via the standard RS-232 serial data interface. Overload and shock protection combined with an elegantly simple load cell design makes the Quick Count rugged, reliable, and accurate.

View the technical specifications for the Quick Count.

Easy Count

Easy Count

The EZ6 counting scale, with six keys and a standard RS-232 port, offers flexibility in weighing and counting. A zero key will eliminate the container weight. A sample size key lets you select the number of parts to hand count onto the pan. A count key develops the average piece weight. The print key will send the results to a printer or PC. A clear key will display the net weight and the units key will change the selected unit of measure.

View the technical specifications for the Easy Count.

counting scale

SMD Reel Counter

Taped SMT, Axial, and Radial Component Counters

Standard Features

• 100% guaranteed accuracy and reliability

• State-of-the-art photoelectric sensor

• Count taped SMD, Axial and Radial components

• Divide by feature permits exact count of virtually all types and sizes of components

• Auto forward/reverse makes counting foolproof

• Unique push-button tape marker for axial and radial components

• AC or convenient battery operation with backup charger

• Counter can easily be separated from reel stand

• Accepts all component reel tape widths

• Reel stand has reel tension adjustment

Repairs - Count on us for the expert repair of your scales and weights.
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