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Serving Canadian companies for over 30 years with the

best quality scales and service in the marketplace.

We offer the most complete range of features available in counting scales today - Roger Sinnarajah, President 

Balance and Scale Calibration

Periodic calibration and preventative maintenance is necessary to keep your scale system performing at its best. Backed by our ISO/IEC 17025 certification, rest assured that you are purchasing calibration services that are based on stringent quality standards.


Our accredited calibration service includes:

  • Visual and functional inspection
  • Cleaning
  • On-site adjustment and calibration
  • Placement of a calibration sticker that contains calibration date, next due date and serial number of the scale
  • Written calibration report formatted to ISO/IEC 17025 requirements (e.g. error before and after calibration, tolerance, weight IDs, traceability, uncertainty…)


View the scope of our ANAB Accreditation here. Being a complete service provider in the scale industry since 1984, Scale Services & Sales is fully capable of providing complete solutions for calibration and preventative maintenance of weighing and counting scales.


We have a fully equipped workshop, with state of the art equipment, extensive replacement parts inventory and factory trained technicians to meet all your service and calibration requirements.

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