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Bench Scales


IQ plus® 2100 Digital Bench Scale

Ideal for use in general purpose weighing and portion control applications, the new IQ plus 2100 incorporates two sealed, stainless steel buttons that repel messy ingredient spills and damage by knife point. The NEMA 4X stainless steel indicator enclosure stands up to frequent washdown. Standard overload and upload stops protect the base during heavy use.

All operations are controlled through two buttons—Zero and Units. Configuration is simple and achieved through the indicator’s front panel, EDP port, or from a personal computer with Revolution™ software. A full range of units—including lb/oz—offer flexibility to serve your specific application.

IQ plus® 2100SL Digital Bench Scale

For harsh applications, the IQ plus 2100SL package offers the same benefits with added features of the legendary BenchMark SL base. The unique LifeGuard breakaway base of the SL incorporates extra load cell protection from overloads.


  • General purpose weighing

  • Portion control

  • Food processing applications

  • Pizza scale

Standard Features

  • NEMA 4X, 304 stainless steel enclosure

  • NEMA 4X/IP66 stainless steel washdown indicator

  • Large, bold 0.8" Light Emitting Diode (LED) display

  • Annunciators: lb, kg, oz, g, negative, motion, center of zero

  • 1 full duplex RS-232 port

  • Two digital inputs for remote zero, print, and units

  • 12" column, base attachment bracket, or tilt stand for table/wall/under-counter mounting

  • 115 VAC operation, 230 VAC available

  • RL1042 aluminum, single point load cell

  • Overload and upload stops on scale base

  • Stainless steel, tactile feel, zero and units buttons

  • Displays units in decimal, lb, kg, oz, lb & oz, and grams


The IQ plus® 2100 is available with attachment bracket, tilt stand or 12" column.

  • IQ plus 2100 50-100 lb (25-50 kg); 12" X 12" (304.8mm X 304.8mm)

  • IQ plus 2100 5-25 lb (2.5-10 kg); 10" X 10" (254.8mm X 254.8mm)


Print button mounted in the top of the enclosure (not field installable)

  • 304 stainless steel clam shell for added load cell protection

  • RL1380 stainless steel load cell

  • Load cell quick disconnect

  • Remote switch for zero, units, and print (non-washdown)

  • 18" column replacing standard 12" column

  • Two non-tactile buttons (in place of tactile buttons)


Bench Scale & Indicator Package

We recently paired the new 120 indicator with our DIGI bench scale to provide an economical bundled option. Features include three-stage digital filtering for consistent, accurate weight data, full programmibility, calibration and configuration capabilities, and a large, easy-to-read .8" LED display. The DIGI Bench is an ideal size of 17" x 21" for a range of material handling and shipping and receiving applications.


  • Material Handling

  • Shipping and receiving

Standard Features

  • Large 0.8" (20.3 mm) 6-digit red light emitting diode (LED) display

  • 115 or 230 VAC

  • EPD and printer port for connecting to a PC or printer

  • Programmable print output strings

  • Available in 150 lb/60 kg, 300 lb/150 kg, 500 lb/300 kg capacities

  • Selectable unit of measure lb/kg/g/oz

  • Carbon steel platform, stainless steel platter

  • 120 wall mount bracket included

  • Load cell quick disconnect


  • 4" (100 mm) castors (four swivels, two with brakes)

Floor Scales

RoughDeck Floor Scales ... Simply the toughest, most accurate floor scales available.

From general industrial weighing applications such as shipping and receiving, bulk loading, and counting, to abusive operations such as shock-, end-, or corner-loading, Rice Lake Weighing Systems' complete line of floor scales delivers durability and accuracy.

RoughDeck™ line includes legal-for-trade, stainless steel, corrosion resistant, washdown, and flexure lever models. Each scale in the RoughDeck family utilizes a full 6" structural channel frame welded to a durable steel deck, providing exceptional rigidity under severe loading conditions.

RoughDecks also feature an intrinsically safe load cell configuration that is FM-Approved for use in hazardous locations.

DIGI® Floor Scale and Indicator Package
An excellent package designed to offer many great features by combining the rugged, low profile design of the DIGI® Summit 3000 with the configurable, large .8" Light Emitting Diode (LED) display of the 120 Digital Weight Indicator.

DIGI® Summit features include four NTEP-certified alloy steel shear beam load cells, top access j-box, rugged diamond safety treadplate steel deck with adjustable rigid polyurethane rubber feet, signal trim summing board housed in ABS enclosure, a threaded eyebolt hole located in the center of the deck for easy lifting, and 20 ft of EL147 load cell cable with quick disconnect.

120 Digital Weight offers 5-button operation, full front-panel digital calibration and configuration. 120 wall mount bracket included.

Rouhgdeck HP

RoughDeck HP

The RoughDeck HP is NTEP-certified “legal-for-trade” for use in high-accuracy weighing. Certified for 5000 divisions, Class III use, the RoughDeck HP features the same carbon steel construction as the SP, with the addition of NTEP-certified alloy steel load cells.

Available in deck sizes from 4' x 4' to 8' x 10', this rugged scale can handle capacities of up to 30,000 lb! The HP is perfect for applications in demanding industrial environments where high accuracy is required.

Indicator and Scale Package

RoughDeck Rough-n-Ready System

The Rough-n-Ready System Floor Scale/Indicator Package features quick connects and factory calibration which allow the package to operate immediately with minimal setup. This timesaving solution combines a 5000 division RoughDeck floor scale with the choice of an IQ plus 355, IQ plus 390-DC, or IQ plus 590-DC digital indicator. Ideal for shipping/receiving and manufacturing applications, this impressive system comes complete with an indicator tilt stand, 20' of SURVIVOR EL147HE 6-conductor hostile environment load cell cable and a quick connection.

Rough Deck SS

RoughDeck SS

Also NTEP-certified for 5000 divisions, Class III use, the RoughDeck SS is built for dry corrosive, dry chemical and all other applications that require additional corrosion protection.

For added corrosion resistance, stainless steel load cells and hardware, a stainless steel summing junction box, and EL147HE Hostile Environment load cell cable complete the RoughDeck SS package.

Rough Deck HE

RoughDeck HE
RoughDeck HE is hostile environment stainless steel floor scale designed specifically for corrosion resistance and long life in demanding washdown and wet corrosive applications.

Utilizing a 304 stainless steel weighbridge, the hostile environment package is completed by adding welded seal shear beam stainless steel load cells, stainless steel hardware, a stainless steel NEMA 4X summing junction box and EL147HE Hostile Environment load cell cable. The junction box can be remotely mounted up to 10' from the scale, keeping sensitive electronic connections away from moisture and chemicals.

RoughDeck QC
As easy to lift as the hood on your car, the RoughDeck QC provides an efficient mechanism for busy cleanup personnel.

Ideal for applications requiring frequent washdown, the QC provides easy underdeck cleaning by using two gas shock lifting cylinders to raise the top of the scale.

Featuring 304 stainless steel construction and four welded seal shear beam shear beam load cells, the RoughDeck QC is ideal for applications in food processing plants.

RoughDeck SD
An easy-to-lift polyethylene top plate on the RoughDeck SD provides an efficient mechanism for busy cleanup personnel.

Ideal for food processing and other applications requiring frequent washdown, the RoughDeck SD provides easy underdeck cleaning by lifting the plastic top to gain access to the stainless steel understructure.

RoughDeck FXB

With a unique flexure lever design, the RoughDeck FXB handles abusive conditions such as shock- loading, end-loading, corner-loading, or extreme motion, and does it with NTEP Class III, 5000 division accuracy. The FXB design provides ease in calibration and no corner adjustment, minimizing installation time. Custom sizes to 30,000 lb and stainless steel models are available. Pit installation kits are available in both steel and stainless steel.

Rough Deck BPS

RoughDeck BPS

The versatile RoughDeck BPS barrel scale doubles as a pallet scale with its 3.5" high live rails. Pallets and wider items up to 1,000 lb can be loaded on the live rails with a forklift.

Rough Deck Drum

DeckHand Rough-n-Ready System
Now available as a scale/indicator package, the DeckHand is more convenient and cost-effective than ever before!

The Rough-n-Ready System includes a mild steel DeckHand partnered with the IQ plus® 590-DC. this battery-powered indicator features a full numeric keypad, piece count mode and a configurable standby mode that prolongs battery life. The scale is factory-wired and calibrated to reduce setup time to mere minutes. The entire package can be drop-shipped directly to the customer. In addition, the indicator and scale are shipped in the same carton to further reduce expenses.

High-Performance Digital Weight Indicators

Scale Services & Sales has an extensive line of weight indicators with configuration capabilities for virtually any application need. Ideal for environments where scales are subjected to a high degree of industrial vibration.


Digi 120 Digital Weight Indicator

The 120 drives up to four 350 or eight 700 load cells. It also features three-stage digital filtering, providing stable, accurate weight data. The five-button front panel provides easy operation, as well as full calibration and configuration.

Two independent communication ports provide full EDP and print ticket programmability—a feature that is enhanced by Revolution™ III Scale Software. In addition, the two standard serial ports allow it to be remotely configured using Revolution III Scale Software.


820i Programmable Digital Weight Indicators

The 820i is more than a weight indicator. It's microprocessor based control that will reshape your perception of programmable instrumentation. But don't be intimidated by its sophistication. Simplicity is as much a part of the 820i as advanced technology.

The 820i programmable indicator/controller features an intelligent design that takes the work out of process control. We've taken performance-driven circuitry and blended it with simplistic architecture and intuitive features to provide an instrument that's remarkably easy to use.


920i Programmable Digital Weight Indicators

The new 920i is the first programmable indicator/controller to blend revolutionary user interfaces, total flexibility and ultimate processing performance with the simplicity of a basic weight indicator.

420 Plus

420 Plus Digital Weight Indicator

The 420 Plus is the ideal choice for any industrial weighing application. Its full numeric keypad makes setup and operation virtually trouble-free. The rugged stainless steel NEMA 4X/IP66 enclosure ensures extra long life and superior performance in every environment.

Remote Displays

  • Display: general purpose remote display

  • Super bright LEDs for daylight conditions

  • Fast weight update. Wall mounts included

  • RS323 serial input, RS485 serial network input

  • 20mA Current loop input

  • Up to 7x120mm display

  • 6 digit display and annunciators

  • Enclosure: Powder coated aluminum housing

  • Power: 100 to 240 VAC power supply

IQ plus 710

IQ plus® 710

For exceptional digital performance, the IQ plus 710 delivers. It offers superior programming options and an impressive array of advanced features unrivaled in its class. The IQ plus 710's unique programming capabilities makes it remarkably easy to operate.

Built with a huge VFD display and a tilted full alphanumeric keypad, the IQ plus 710 can store and display 16-character programmable user prompts, truck ID numbers, and part numbers. Adding to its arsenal are four programmable macro function 

keys---each capable of 30 steps. These keys enable the IQ plus 710 to quickly and accurately execute a variety of functions. Additionally, macros can be linked to setpoints during batching operations. For remote operation of advanced batching systems, the 710 features eight digital inputs and outputs. It also interfaces with A-B networks for fast, simple, and accurate control of complex multi-ingredient batching and blending.

IQ plus 590

IQ plus® 590-DC

Featuring C-cell battery power and a full numeric keypad, the IQ plus 590-DC makes setup and operation a snap! From tare entry to counting, the IQ plus 590-DC allows numeric entry directly from the keypad, saving time by eliminating the need to scroll and toggle.

The IQ plus 590-DC has a superior battery life of over 300 hours, meaning weeks or months of worry free operation! And with a stainless steel NEMA 4X/IP66 enclosure, you can rely on top performance in any environment. It's the perfect solution for outdoor weighing systems, portable warehouse scales, and material handling applications. The IQ plus 590-DC's prominent LCD display shows up to six numerals in large one-inch digits for easy character recognition. When left idle, the unit prolongs battery life by using a configurable standby mode.

This unique indicator even serves as a portable counting scale in piece count mode with sample size or average piece weight entry. Plus, an AC adapter is provided to prolong battery life when power is available. In environments where vibration is a concern, the IQ plus 590-DC includes RATTLETRAP® three-stage digital filtering and selectable measurement rates, ensuring accurate weighments anywhere, anytime.

520 digital weight


Designed for process control, batching, checkweighing and custom applications, the 520 digital weight indicator delivers an exceptional combination of performance and value. Its panel mount enclosure is compact to conserve space in control panels and other custom system designs, allows convenient rear access for connections, and maintains a NEMA 4X/IP67 seal to protect electronics in dusty and washdown environments. Choose the desktop version for applications requiring a variety of mounting options.

The 520 is easy to integrate into Allen-Bradley Remote I/O, DeviceNet, Profibus DP or Ethernet networks with an optional interface card.

Easy to read in light and dark environments, the 520 features a vacuum fluorescent primary weight display with large .75-inch characters. A 16-character prompting display can be programmed with up to eight different messages to guide operators through weighing processes. In addition, five multi-function keys can be configured to perform a variety of tasks such as setting time, date, keyed tare, setpoint and checkweigh information.

The 520 is loaded with performance-driven features that easily enable customization and system integration:

  • Four TTL outputs controlled by 18 configurable setpoint kinds or two checkweigh types

  • Optional analog output

  • Selectable A/D rates of up to 120 updates per second, the 520 quickly locks in weight data for optimal production rates

  • Peak hold for capturing maximum values

  • Time and date

IQ plus® 390-DC

IQ plus® 390-DC

The new IQ plus 390-DC digital weight indicator takes portability to a whole new level. Running on C-cell alkaline batteries, this handy indicator allows operation in practically any location.

This indicator tops its rivals in ease of use and performance. It features a battery life in excess of 300 hours, and a unique configurable standby mode that conserves battery power.

IQ plus 355

IQ plus® 355

A new generation to the IQ plus 350, the 355 provides the same features at the same unbeatable price, with an extra-large 6-digit LED display. Providing the ultimate protection is an all stainless steel NEMA 4X/IP66 washdown enclosure.

Two independent communication ports provide full EDP and print ticket programmability. It easily programs two ticket formats with up to 300 characters, allowing you to create complex custom tickets. The 355 is capable of powering up to eight 350-ohm load cells, making it perfect for multi-cell applications such as truck scales. A simple five-button front panel provides easy operation with full calibration and configuration.

IQ plus 210

IQ plus 210 Digital Weight Indicator

The IQ plus® 210 digital weight indicator is known for its performance with the IQ plus 2100 bench scale, but it’s the ideal replacement indicator for any bench scale in portioning, ingredient weighing, and general industrial applications.

It has a large, vibrant display that rivals any other in its class, and the ability to show lb and oz simultaneously. Its rugged design includes a NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure that protects electronics from frequent washdown, and sealed, stainless steel buttons that resist damage in abusive environments.

It’s so easy to use, all operations are controlled with just two buttons—zero and units. For ultimate simplicity, the units button can be disabled, virtually eliminating operator errors.


UMC 600 Digital Weight Indicator

  • Powers up to 8 load cells

  • 80,000 display graduations

  • Nonlinearity <±0.01%

  • Nema 4 stainless steel enclosures; serial output (RS232)

  • Adjustable digital filter

  • Dual setpoint outputs

  • Tilt stand base

  • Zero, Tare, Net/Gross, lb/kg Conv., and Print keys

  • 10 updates/second with adjustable digital averaging

  • Active 5 Hz analog filter

  • 5-point linearization

  • Batching and weighing function


Setra SuperView™ Weight Indicator


  • NEMA 4X washdown enclosure

  • Menu-driven programmability

  • Graphic LCD display w/ RGB backlight

  • 2MB memory for transaction log & database

  • Counting, Weighing and Checkweighing functionality preprogrammed

  • Set points / alarms/ digital outputs

  • RS232 communications ports

  • Made in the USA


  • BI-Directional RS232 or USB

  • Setra printer & scanner adapter (RJ45)

  • 10ft. digital I/O cable (6-wire)

  • Printer

  • Barcode scanner

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